About Us


Meet Sara and Tayler!
The boutique was originally started in 2016 in downtown Littleton, CO. After 6 months of growth, they moved their small business to Main St and spent 3 wonderful years in their corner location. In 2018, they opened a second store across the street called White Oak Boutique selling special occasion and formal wear. Fast forward to today, they now have one fabulous brick and mortar location with casual items and formal wear, combing the best of both worlds with Rooted & White Oak! 
The boutique was started with the idea of having roots planted in Colorado, and the desire to be focused on love and fashion. Each owner has their own unique experience in the fashion and retail industry and loves helping women. Being able to use their styling backgrounds in order to help women feel confident and comfortable is the main goal! The ladies also love to suggest styles that women wouldn’t normally pull for themselves. They have learned that everything truly does look better on you, than on a hanger.
We truly cater to women of all ages. It is the perfect destination for a girl’s day out with friends or family. Teenage daughters, young professionals, mothers and grandmothers can all enjoy the beautiful boutique. Whether you need a trendy new outfit, a comfy staple to wear over and over, one of a kind jewelry, or just an amazing scented candle- we have something for everyone!